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Infrastructure, Knowledge & Network 

"We are steadfast in our belief that superior infrastructure is pivotal to trading success. That's why we're uncompromising in providing our traders with world-class facilities, ensuring they're not just situated in an environment of excellence, but also nestled within a community of global distinction."

Our resources


"PTF recognizes that for traders, the environment is as pivotal as their strategy. In a profession where it's often 'you versus you,' our world-class destination workspace doesn't just offer top-tier trading desks but an ensemble of amenities, from entertainment zones and a well-stocked library to a cozy coffee shop. Every corner is designed to ensure a trader feels more than just at work; they feel at home. To further this commitment, we've partnered with worlds best managed service providers. Their expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate every nuance and niche requirement of our trading community.


Through this collaboration, we're building spaces that not only meet but exceed the aspirations of our traders."

With a thriving community and comprehensive ecosystem, PropTradingFloor empowers your journey towards sustainable success in the world of proprietary trading.


"PTF stands as a beacon of knowledge for the trading community. Whether you're seeking technical acumen, fundamental insights, or enriching content for self-education, PTF offers an array of indispensable tools and resources tailored for traders. Beyond providing access, we curate events and seminars imbued with deep insights to foster continuous learning. PTF encourages a culture of both unlearning outdated practices and embracing new, cutting-edge strategies. It's more than just a workspace; it's a platform where traders converge, collaborate, and elevate each other, ensuring that every member interacts with and learns from the best in the field."

At the Prop Trading Floor, our mission goes beyond imparting knowledge; it's about sculpting trading craftsmen who recognize that in the realm of trading, process is paramount. Join us, and let's build processes that pave the way to consistent profitability.